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Please Note: The information in this page is only valid for participants from universities/colleges other than the mainland China, HK SAR and Macau SAR. For participants from universities/colleges in mainland China, HK SAR and Macau SAR, please follow the guidelines provided at http://www.mcm.edu.cn.

1. Should I pay any registration fee in order to participate in the contest?

No. In this year, for participants from regions other than mainland China, HK SAR and Macau SAR, their registration fee will be waived off.

2. Should I register for the contest? How to register? Can I update my registration information after registered?

Yes. Please register through this website (only valid for participants from regions other than mainland China and Macau SAR) before the deadline as specified at this website (usually two days before the contest starts).

A team should consist of up to three undergraduate students guided by at most one advisor (optional).

For register, you should "sign up" an account in this website at first, then provide registration information for your team through "Membership" menu. Please note that each team should "sign up" only one account and should input all the information of the team with this account through "Membership" menu. Please also note that your own information should also be included in the members (students) list of your team.

In any time before the deadline of the contest registration, you can update your team's registration information following the same procedure of registration (i.e., log onto the system, then open the "Membership" menu, and click on the "Register" column to update your information).

3. Should the team members be from the same institution?

Yes, all the three students and the advisor (optional) of a team should be from the same institution (college or university). But they can be from different departments and/or majors.

4. What is the difference between the categories (contest types) of "University" and "College"?

The students from three or four-year universities should register as a university team, and the students from two or three-year colleges should register as a college team.

Starting from 2019, a university team should choose one problem from the contest problems A, B or C; a college team can one problem from the contest problems A, B, C, D or E.

5. How to download the contest problems and submit a solution package? Can I resubmit a new version after submitted?

Please download the problems from this website after the contest starts, then work on one of the two problems in your registered category (contest type), and finally upload your solution package before the contest ends. Please upload your solution package as a single file (you can use tools such as ZIP or RAR to compress multiple files into a single file for uploading). Each team can submit one (and only one) solution package for only one contest problem.

Please be patient when you download the contest problems since the website server is usually heavily loaded at the time the contest starts. We suggest you wait for about 30 minutes to download the problems. If you still cannot connect to the website to download the problems after 60 minutes, please send an email to cumcm@csiam.org.cn. We will then send a copy of the contest problems to your via email.

In any time before the deadline of the contest, you can update your solution package following the same procedure of submission (i.e., log onto the system, then open the "Membership" menu, and click on the "Submit" column to resubmit a new version of the solution package - the old version will be replaced by the new one).

If you have problems when you upload your solution package via the website, you can also send your solution package via email to cumcm@csiam.org.cn.

6. What should a solution package include?

A solution package is a set of electronic documents, and usually consists of the following electronic files:

(1) A cover page file with participants' full names and addresses, separated from the solution paper file.

(2) The full solution paper file (with paper title, abstracts, full text with multiple sections, references, appendices, etc., but do not reveal your affiliation or personnel information);

(3) Other relevant materials helpful to evaluate your solution paper (e.g. the source files of computer programs you used to solve the contest problem, etc.).

  The solution paper should be written in either English or Chinese, and uploaded as a PDF-format file (preferred) or MS WORD-format file (compressed into the solution package).

   Please upload the solution package as a single file (if you want to submit multiple files, please compress them into a single file with tools such as ZIP or RAR). Please also note the maximum size for the package cannot be over 20M, otherwise you may fail to upload the file.

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