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Contest Dates for CUMCM

In each year, the contest will last for about 72 hours, starting at 6:00PM on a Thursday in September (Beijing Time), and ending at 8:00PM on Sunday (Beijing Time). (That is, the first two hours from 6:00PM to 8:00PM for downloading the contest problems are not included in the 72-hour contest time). Before the contest deadline, the participants should upload their solution packages through this site. The details of the contest dates will be announced at the homepage of this website.  

You should submit (i.e., upload online through this website via the "Membership" menu) your solution packet before the time the contest ends. If there is a network problem when you upload your solution packet, please send your solution packet to cumcm@csiam.org.cn.

The Registration Procedures

Teams from regions other than China Mainland, HK SAR and Macau SAR must register to the organizer through this website one week before the contest starts. For registraton, each team must sign up an account in this website, and then provides registration information through "Membership". In the registration webpage, please fill in your valid email address in the "Contact" Section, since this email address will be used to receive the electronic copy of your participation certificate after the contest.

NOTE: For students from China Mainland, HK SAR and Macau SAR, please visit The Chinese Version for more information (in Chinese, and only valid for teams from China Mainland, HK SAR and Macau SAR).

The Submission Procedures

Please login on this website, and upload your solution package before the contest ends.

For more information, please refer to the "Contest" menu for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


If you have any questions concerning the contest or registration process, please contact:

Huayu Lv

CSIAM Office, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences,

Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Email: lhy@csiam.org.cn

Tel: +86 10 6278 1785

Hope the information is useful to you and welcome the undergraduates all over the world to participate in CUMCM. Enjoy!

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